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Get Better Sound From Your Vinyl Records With These Cleaning Tips

If you want your vinyl records to sound great when you put them on your record machine, you need to take good care of them. Clean records, without any debris in the way, both play and sound better than records that are never taken care of. Here are a few tips for hand cleaning your vinyl records.

Purchase A Record Cleaning Solution

Although you can use dish soap without any moisturizing agents to clean your records with, the best way to clean them is with a specialized record cleaning solution. It can be difficult to remove dish soap from your records, and the soap can damage the labels on them as well. You don't run into those types of issues when you use a specialized record cleaning solution. Additionally, most cleaning solutions come with an applicator brush to make the cleaning process even easier.

Place Your Record On A Stable Surface

You can place your record on a soft towel on a flat surface in order to clean it. However, one of the best ways to clean your record is by actually placing it on the turntable. That way, you can rest assured that your record is firmly in place and will not move or fall. 

A word of caution though: if you put your record on your turntable to clean it, make sure you don't press down too hard on it; be gentle. If you press down too hard, you could cause damage to the bearings on your record player.

Apply The Cleaner To The Applicator Brush

After you have your record in place, apply the cleaner to the applicator brush that came with it. Do not apply the cleaner directly onto the vinyl; this will generally result in too much cleaning product being applied to your record.

Use The Applicator Brush To Clean The Record

Then, take the applicator brush and place it across the record so that it runs from the inner edge to the outer edge of the record. Use the turntable to turn the record while the applicator brush gently cleans it. 

Once one side has been clean, use a microfiber cloth to gently dry off and wipe down the top side. Then, flip the record over and repeat the process. Once the record is clean, very gently take it off the turntable or stable surface and place it back inside of its cover. Make sure you wipe any dust off the cover before you return the vinyl album to the cover.

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If you follow the cleaning methods listed above, your records will not only be clean, they will also sound better. When there is no dirt on the surface of your records, they play more smoothly and the sound is clearer. Enjoy your clear sounding and clean looking vinyl records today.