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Four Improvements That Can Help Revive Your Old Failing Septic System

If you have an older home on a septic system, you may eventually have problems. Some problems can easily be fixed, while others can mean costly repairs. With an outdated septic system, you may want to consider some improvements to help revive your failing septic system without replacing it. Here are some tips to help you decide if you need to have improvements done to your septic system:

1. Updating An Outdated Drain Field

The drain field of your septic system is one of the components that can easily become damaged. It may also just be old and outdated. Either way, you may want to consider replacing your septic drainage system to improve it. This can be done with systems that use a chambered design or distribution box to improve affluent drainage. Older systems often have a single pipe, which can be replaced with one of these solutions for better drainage.

2.  Replacing An Undersized Or Damaged Tank

The tank of your system can also have many problems. This can be something as simple as the tank being undersized. It can also be due to damage of tanks that are made of materials like steal. In both of these situations, the solution will be to have your septic tank replaced with a larger modern tank.

3. Retrofitting Old Concrete Tanks With Modern Liners

You may not always have to replace an old damaged septic tank. Sometimes, tanks that are made of concrete can be retrofitted. This is when a synthetic liner is installed to prevent the tank from leaking and reduce problems. If you have an old concrete tank, this may be more affordable than having the tank completely replaced.

4. Adding Additional Tanks For A Multi Chamber Septic System 

Another improvement that you may want to consider is adding additional tanks. This can be an additional tank to handle overflow of affluent. You can also have a tank installed for the greywater in your home, which can be reused for non-potable needs. If you install a greywater tank, this may also include changes to some of the plumbing in your home to collect the water.

These are some tips to help you decide on improvements to do to your outdated septic system. If your septic system is failing and in need of repair, contact a pipe inspection service to survey your system with a camera and determine the improvements you may need done.