Perfecting My Theater Room

3 Options to Improve Your Home Theater's Acoustics

If you have a dedicated home theater in your home, then you know that these rooms can be incredible luxuries. Not only do they provide a movie theater-like experience, but they're also a great way to enjoy a night with your family without going out. Of course, home theater owners also know that there's always room for improvement.

While many people focus on their audio equipment, there's plenty you can do to improve the acoustic qualities of your space. In some cases, these strategies can be more cost-effective than equipment upgrades, or they may allow you to enhance your sound in ways that would be otherwise impossible. This guide will present three options for better sound quality without adding new equipment.

1. Adjust Speaker and Seating Placement

One of the easiest and lowest cost acoustic upgrades you can make involves repositioning your existing equipment. You may have limited options if you mostly enjoy movies in a living room or other multi-purpose space, but dedicated home theaters allow you to achieve more optimal placement. Simple adjustments, such as placing front speakers at ear height, can make a significant difference.

Note that the exact position of speakers and their angle relative to the viewing position will vary based on your room conditions. If you want to achieve perfect placement, consider working with an audiovisual professional. These experts will use specialized equipment to measure to acoustic qualities of your room to determine ideal distances, heights, and angles for your speakers.

2. Add Bass Traps

Bass traps are one of the more straightforward room treatments you can try. Bass traps are thick acoustic panels typically installed in room corners, where acoustic energy may become "trapped." Adding bass traps to every corner in your room will remove 90-degree angles, potentially improving both the level and quality of the bass provided by your subwoofer.

Bass traps are an excellent first step since they require a minimal amount of knowledge to use successfully. Placing them in corners will typically improve the acoustic characteristics of any room, with very little chance of overdoing it or creating a space that feels dead or lifeless.

3. Utilize Professional Room Treatment

If you're ready to go all the way, then a professional acoustic room treatment is the ultimate step. An acoustics expert can analyze your space to determine the best way to control reflections and create your desired soundstage. Since adding an excessive amount of treatment can negatively impact sound quality, this is a job that will offer the most significant benefits when performed by a professional.

Although upgrading equipment is always exciting, improving your room's acoustic characteristics can provide drastic improvements that will last for many years. Even as you add new speakers, amplifiers, or receivers, you'll continue to enjoy the benefits of properly analyzing and improving your room's acoustic qualities. Talk to an acoustic solutions provider to learn more.