3 Mixing Practices A Sound Engineer Should Master

Many of the top performing artists today wouldn't sound half as good as they do without the help of a sound engineer. Sound engineers play an important role in recording, mixing, and mastering the live performances that go on to become hit records. Modern sound engineers need a wide range of tools in their arsenal. Learn about three mixing practices that a sound engineer should master in order to effectively create music that will appeal to the masses.

Why You Should Hire An Acoustical Engineering Consultant To Help You Build Your New Studio

If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a singer, you've probably accumulated many hours of shower-singing time. As the water rushes all over your body you jam out to your favorite tunes and get a kick out of hearing the sounds bounce off the walls. This is a great pastime if you aren't really serious about singing on a professional level and just enjoy music. However, if you are starting to realize that singing is more than just a hobby but is actually a passion, you probably long for something more.